When you think of a travel companion, you may imagine a person with whom you make memorable moments. While people also like to travel solo, having a companion eases the trip by offering support during tough moments. A good travel companion can make even the most difficult situation solvable, whereas the bad one can create unnecessary troubles during the journey. You need a partner who can share your joy on the journey while also becoming your helping hand during tough times. What you do not need is a travel companion who possesses the traits mentioned here.

The indecisive partner

If you have a travel companion who is unable to make any decisions for the journey, you will be troubled with more responsibilities. You need a travel partner who can help you plan the trip ahead rather than leave such worries on you. If your partner says “anything” as an answer to everything in which you want their opinion, they may not be the best travel companion for you. On the other hand, you also do not want a controlling freak partner and will not let you decide on anything.

The under adventurous partner

It is good to have a travel itinerary planned according to the past experiences shared by other travelers to know what is safe to do during the journey. However, it is not always necessary to follow the itinerary when you see an opportunity for adventure by changing your course a bit. You need a partner who can be supportive of you taking spontaneous decisions to bring some excitement to the journey. If you have a companion who is unwilling to have fun with you, it will end up as a boring experience.

The homesick partner

You also do not want a partner who starts missing home in-between the journey. It will bring the whole excitement down for you if you know that your partner is not enjoying the trip. If your travel companion consistently reminds you how bad they miss their home and loved ones, you will need quick decisions to ditch them and travel solo. You cannot expect them to pay you more attention than their loved ones, but you also cannot sacrifice your holiday because your partner cannot live a day away from their home.

The selfie freak

It is okay to capture memories of every place you visit. Having a picture standing in front of the popular world destinations is okay, but doing it ten times every time can frustrate anyone. If your partner keeps asking you to keep taking their pictures, he or she is taking a lot of your time that you should be using for your own experience. If they ask you to keep clicking pictures because they do not look good, it is time for you to tell them the truth.

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