Europe offers the best holiday destinations for couples who want to enjoy a romantic vacation in exotic hotels with the best views on can dream for. Whether it is a honeymoon vacation or just a planned trip for you two, here are the most romantic destinations that you can travel to in Europe.

Florence, Italy

Florence offers some of the best sightseeing for couples and a perfect cultural environment to roam around the cobblestone streets and Renaissance architecture. There are plenty of sites for you to visit around this small town to create a memorable Italian vacation.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is an amazing holiday destination for honeymooners because of its breathtaking scenery and all hotel rooms with a guaranteed Aegean Sea view. You two can also enjoy a variety of seafood and local wine while you explore this Greek island.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Another Italian destination that suits the vibe of honeymoon couples is the five seaside villages of Cinque Terre. The entire coastline is under the UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of admiring buildings and towns. It is a perfect place to admire the architectural layout of the buildings and the widespread Ligurian Sea.

Lake Como, Milan

Lake Como is known as the top-visited destination in Milan for its picture-perfect setting. The lake attracts rich and famous people to spend a quality vacation in some of the most luxurious hotels and lakeside villas. You can spend a week here trying out some of the freshest meals at gourmet restaurants during your honeymoon.

Capri, Italy

Capri island offers a time away from the rest of the world with your partner. The island is only reachable through boats. Spend time to explore the island and admire its stunning scenery. Mount Solaro on the island offers the best views around Capri. You can also hike towards the Blue Grotto or the cliffs of Phoenician Steps.


Another popular island among newlywed couples is Mykonos that offers Greek art and scenic beaches. The whitewashed architecture and the historical sites make it even more wonderful for a memorable experience. Furthermore, you can try out some of the best Greek food at one of the restaurants and visit the bards and clubs towards Little Venice.

Venice, Italy

Venice has a reputation for receiving millions of tourists per year because of its truly unique and mesmerizing landscape. The enchanting canals are popular among many. Even you might have seen the romantic movies shooting at these canals with the famous gondola rides. While you are there, do not forget to kiss under the Bridge of Sighs.

Paris, France

The list is incomplete without mentioning the topmost romantic destination in any book you can find. Paris is unbeatable at providing the most romantic vacation to tourists from around the world. You and your partner will find joy or romance in every street. Then there is the Eiffel Tower where you can visit to have a sweet picnic with your partner. There are plenty of luxurious hotels to say around Paris that will be no trouble for tourists to find.

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