If you are planning your next hike anywhere in Europe, you must make sure that you conquer the most popular peaks first. There are ten major mountain ranges in Europe with 100 minor mountain ranges. In total, the mountain ranges make 20% of the entire landmass of the continent. You will have enough options to choose from while picking a hiking destination. Here are the top ten hikes that you can do in Europe.

Tour De Mont Blanc, France

Tour De Mont is among the most loved treks in Europe. The trek introduces some of the most mesmerizing treks that you would want to experience once in your life. Through the Alps, this 170 kilometers of trek is an 11-day hike.

Norwegian Fjords, Norway

This hire will give you a view that you will find hard to forget. There are thousands of walks for all types of hikers. The hikes are safe for families and solo travelers alike. You can climb up the mountains to look over the glaciers to take a walk through natural parks that offer the beauty of lush forests. There are many variations of this 2-3 day hike.

Mount Triglav, Slovenia

Slovenians have a tradition to climb this mountain once in their lives. The tradition is open for anyone traveling to this country. The 2864m high summit is challenging enough to give you a true feel of trekking. Slovenia also has other beautiful hikes to offer, but this 2-day trek is considered a must for everyone.

Caucasus Mountains, Georgia

Caucasus mountains opened only a few years ago for travelers, which makes it one of the freshest places to hike. You will also spot wild deers during your hike. On the way, you will find a beautiful lake and medieval villages and towns surrounded by peaks. Most hikes you will find here will be 3-5 days long.

Via Dinarica, The Balkans

When you expect your hike to be filled with good food and music, you can hike through the old-world heritage of Europe. The Dinaric Alps and the Sharr Mountain Range have become the cultural corridor for multiple countries, including Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, and Slovenia. Several day trips provide a perfect adventure for everyone.

Tour De Monte Rosa, Italy

The trek for this mountain is not the easiest on this list. You will find ice, rocks, forest, and alpine meadows through the trek. There are ridges that give you mesmerizing panoramic views from as high as 4000m high. This 8-11 day trek is a challenging one for hiking enthusiasts.

Canary Islands, Spain

This one is a more comfortable and relaxed hike through the trails of Tenerife, La Gomera, and Gran Canaria. Each of these hikes has its own reasons for you to try them out. Tenerife has the world’s third-highest volcano. Gran Canaria consists of dramatic valleys. La Gomera provides the most distinctive sceneries of them all. Each trek takes 2-3 days that will require a long vacation on the Canary Islands.

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