Music festivals are among the reasons why people travel today. Several countries host music festivals that bring in people from around the world. Europe is known worldwide for hosting some of the biggest festivals that one can attend on their tour throughout the year. Here are some popular music festivals that you can attend this year during your stay in Europe.


Creamfields is considered one of the most prestigious dance festivals in the world. It invites some of the best international artists every year. You can find all types of EDM here to dance and have the time of your life. Creamfields will take place on 26-29 August in Daresbury, UK.

Rock am Ring & Rock im Park

Rock am Ring festival is for die-hard rock and metal fans. Hosted in Germany, this festival is the sister of Rock in Park. Both the festivals have their own lineups every year that invite people worldwide to enjoy their weekend in Germany. The festival will take place from 11-13 June this year in Mendig and Nurnberg, Germany.

Ultra Europe

Ultra Europe is the invention of the original UMF after its great success in America. It moved to Croatia to become Ultra Europe but offers the same experience to the guests. It invites some of the biggest DJs to the coast of Croatia. The festival will take place from 9-11 July in Split, Croatia.

Let it Roll

Let it Roll is considered the biggest drum and bass music festival in the world. It invites worldwide popular artists, including 300 DJs. The festival has eight stages, and every stage has its theme that people can enjoy exploring. The festival will take place from 5-7th August this year in Milovice, Czech Republic.

Sziget Festival

Sziget festival is one of the festivals that no one traveling in Europe can miss out on. The popularity of this festival also comes from the city it is hosted in, Budapest. It welcomes some of the biggest pop artists from around the world. This year Sziget Festival will take place in August 2021, Budapest, Hungary.

Wireless Festival

If you love rap and dance music, then you can witness your favorite artists at Wireless Festival. The festival also hosts some of London’s subcultural stalls that gives an extra reason to be in this festival. Wireless Festival will take place from 2-4th July in London, UK.


If you are looking for a more earthly and wild experience, you can pick Roskilde. Roskilde provides campsite parties for pop music lovers. The festival has a history of inviting some of the biggest artists from around the world. You can enjoy hip-hop and dance music alike. This festival will take place from 26 June to 3 July in Roskilde, Denmark.

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