As the rules for traveling change for countries around the UK and European regions from the beginning of 2021, travelers will need to learn about the new rules to travel around Europe from now on. Most countries in Europe have still not opened their gates for tourism due to the pandemic. As Great Britain will no longer be treated as a member of Europe, new rules will become necessary to understand. The only countries exempted from the EU restrictions are those with low infection rates, such as New Zealand. Furthermore, the individual EU countries will decide whether they want to open gates to travel with the UK to allow traveling. According to the new rules, you will be able to travel through different EU countries without needing a visa.

Period of stay

One can stay in EU countries for up to 90 days in any 180 days. You can travel to multiple countries like Spain and Italy in 90 days until your visa expires. But for the countries like Croatia, Romania, and Cyprus, you can make a 90-day trip to one of the countries and still have a 90-day allowance for other countries. You will need a permit to stay longer for studying or work.


All the old passports will still be valid in all countries as long as it is less than ten years old or has six more months to expiry. The six-month rule does not apply to Ireland as it is a part of the Common Travel Area.

Health Insurance

The European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) that were issued before 2020 will be valid until their expiry date. The government will plan to issue new cards called the UK Global Health Insurance Cards (GHIC) that will cover any existing or chronic illnesses. The government is yet to announce the news for travelers. Until then, you are suggested to purchase your own insurances before your travel.

Roaming charges

The earlier guarantee of free-roaming from the mobile services while traveling to the EU, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein will end with the new rules. You are requested to check with your network provider for the new roaming charges. While the UK and EU agreed to co-operate on international mobile roaming, there are no mentions of agreements to prevent any charges from the companies.

Driving in Europe

Driving around Europe will still be easy as long as you carry your driving license and valid documents with you, including your insurance. You will need to contact the insurance provider six weeks before your journey to get a green card. Most drivers do not need an International Driving Permit unless they travel to European countries that require additional documents.

Pet passports

Pet passports issued in the UK will now not be valid in the rest of Europe. The pets traveling from the UK to other EU countries will require an additional animal health certificate (AHC). Northern Ireland will also have the same rules.

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