Planning a destination wedding can take some time as you need to sit with your partner to discuss where and how you will host your wedding. When you have a destination in mind, you need to consider several factors that will help you plan the best wedding. It is good that you and your partner get equal power to make decisions so that both of you and your family can have a memorable time as you expect. This guide will provide the things you need to consider while planning a destination wedding.

Time and venue

You need to plan the time and venue for your wedding based on the availability and the seasonal changes. Make sure that the wedding destination you are planning has calm weather during your wedding, and no rainfall or storms are predicted for the day. Learn about the fluctuations in tourism as the high season time will also make your wedding more expensive.


It is suggested that you let the guests know about the wedding a year early. This will help your dear ones to plan their holidays so they can make it to your wedding. It is especially important when you travel to a foreign destination as they will need to take longer breaks from their work compared to if it was a domestic wedding.


It can become difficult for you and your partner to afford the tickets and accommodation for all the people you want on your big day. But you clearly cannot expect your guests to wait for you to book the tickets for them. Find a way to tell them as gracefully and clearly as possible. If you are booking accommodations for them, make sure that you let them know the dates, hotel, and reservations through your itinerary or wedding website.


You do not have to book the travel tickets for anyone except your family if you insist. However, you can take the help of a travel agent to offer you a deal for a group of people. You can then direct your guests to that travel agent who can book their tickets for a discount. You can also take the help of your guests by inviting them in a group so everyone can search for the best deals to travel together.


You may take the gifts from your guests at the time of the wedding, but shipping them back to your home can become a troublesome task. Instead, you can ask your guests not to bring any gifts and that their presence is the best gift to you. You can also keep a registry to ship the gifts back to your home if you are willing to pay for them. You can also opt for e-gift cards or let add the registry money to your honeymoon funds.

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