Family tours are the rarest among all the other types of tourism programs as more people like to travel as couples, groups, or solo. The amount of a family of four traveling the world is considerably lower. However, it does not mean that the tourism organizations are not ready to serve the families that are ready to travel. In fact, most tourism destinations are designed for a family-friendly holiday. If you are planning to tour Europe, this list will suggest the best places to visit around the continent with your family.

Algarve, Portugal

Your kids will definitely love the golden beaches and blue waters of the Algarve. If that does not impress them, wait till they see the hidden beaches of Benagil caves and the dolphins in the waters. It is the best place in Portugal to spend a quality and affordable family vacation.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a big city to be explored by you and your family. The Port Aventura Theme Park and Barcelona’s streets will provide quality entertainment to you and your family. You can stay in Barcelona as long as you prefer in the most artistic city in Spain.

Brittany, France

Brittany is one of the popular destinations of France that is known for its clean streets and beaches. It is one of the destinations that allow families to have a comfortable time. The accommodations to the best hotels are under affordable ranges, while the outdoors feel like the best place to roam in the evening.

Corfu, Greece

Greece is known for its history and art. However, if you want to spend time in a pleasant place away from the noise, your best option is the Islands of Corfu. Islands of Corfu provide a comfortable temperature with the villas and hotel rooms at affordable prices.

Costa Brava, Spain

Costa Brava is a popular local tourism destination, but it is open to the international crowd as well. You can shop around the district while staying in some of the best hotels near the streets. Explore the local food and culture, and you are assured of a memorable experience.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has been one of the award-winning destinations of Europe for years. It has its name among the most popular destinations around the world. This beautiful city in Portugal also gives you the essence of South American cities. Lisbon’s Oceanarium is one destination that offers a great experience to the kids.

London, UK

If you want a more English cultural experience and shop around to the most exotic streets, then London can give you just what you desire. Let your kids discover places like Legoland, Warner Bros Studio, Green Park, and Hyde Park. Explore the activities in London while you stay at some of the best hotels around the city. London also has a few casinos if you want to enjoy some time gambling.

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