Rome is among the most popular places to visit in Europe and has a great art history that one can explore. It is also a hub for the best Italian food and offers cultural abundance to all its visitors. When you are in Rome, you can be comfortable while also traveling in complete luxury. But before you take your flight to Rome, here are the essentials that you should carry with you in your backpack.

Italy power adapter

A must-have to carry with yourself today is a power adapter that you can use in Italy, especially when you are traveling from America or Asia. A universal adapter can be your top choice to travel around Europe while keeping your batteries charged.


Neck wallet

Rome can get crowded during the touring seasons, and you want to make sure that all your valuables are safe in crowded places. Keep your wallet, passport, smartphones, and other values in a neck wallet that you can keep discreetly under your clothes.

Good clothes

While most travelers prefer to carry only the traveling clothes with them on their journeys, experts suggest that you pack something nice for Rome. Rome offers a quality nightlife that you would want to visit with good-looking clothes rather than your hiking shorts and camouflage t-shirt.

Windproof umbrella

Windproof umbrella

Rome is prone to a bit of rain throughout the year, so you need to be precautious while roaming around the streets if you are not carrying an umbrella. A windproof travel umbrella is great while traveling as it is more durable in heavy winds and can fit multiple people underneath it.

Comfortable shoes

Rome has plenty of cobblestone streets that you would want to visit. You need some comfortable shoes that will not hurt your feet while you stroll through the ups and downs of the alleyways. Bring an extra pair if necessary to keep one for streets and another one for parties.

Pashmina shawl

Pashmina shawl is a multipurpose accessory while traveling in Rome. It will protect you from sunlight, keep you warm at night, and come in handy when you need to cover up a little while visiting the historical cathedrals around Rome.

Activated charcoal

Rome is known for its food. When you visit the street food stalls and try out different dishes, your stomach might not be able to make it one day or the other. In such a case, activated charcoal will help your stomach extract all the toxins quickly and expel them out of your system.

Reusable water bottle

Rome supplies clean drinking water in the taps, so you can use a reusable water bottle while traveling around the city. You can also find inbuilt water filter bottles that will provide additional safety to the water you carry while exploring the streets.

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