When you are planning to travel, you must make sure that you have everything necessary to keep your smartphone. Laptop, camera, and other electronics charged and in best use. While some people do not prefer carrying many gadgets around with them and like to live the moments, others travel for the sole purpose of using their gadgets in different environments for projects. When you pack your bag for your next trip, make sure that you have these travel essentials.

Universal adapter

Universal adapters are essential for every traveler today. They are meant to be used anywhere where the power outlets are of a different type than your country. Today, most universal adapters come with extensions that you can use to plug the distance plugs into your devices.

Noise-canceling headphones

Music can become your perfect companion while traveling solo. You can plug into your favorite speakers whenever you like when you have the right headphones. Noise-canceling headphones help you relax better while you are traveling among noisy people.

USB stick

A USB stick can come in handy when you are checking-in into a hotel, and the reception asks for documents. You can give them your USB stick, and they can print out the documents for you. It will help you take printouts of your passport and other ID cards without always carrying a hardcopy with you.

Portables phone charger

A portable phone charger or power bank can support many of your devices when you run out of battery and find no output source around you. It is important to purchase quality power banks as many can turn out to be faulty and completely useless.

Car charger

When you are not staying in a hotel room or run out the battery on your power bank, you can charge your mobile phone or camera through a car charger. A car charger will plug into any car and can provide multiple ports to charge USB-supported devices.


Kindle is one of the gadgets that can become your go-to device at times you are relaxing in an exotic place or traveling on a long road trip. Kindle can contain all your favorite books in a sleek design so that you do not have to carry any books with you.

Mobile hotspot

While this gadget may not work while traveling to a different country as the network services will not be available, you can carry a mobile hotspot to connect multiple devices to the internet without wasting your smartphone’s battery.


While you may have a good camera on your smartphone, some people prefer to take the experience of photography using a DSLR. Capture pictures wherever you go with a camera that is meant for such times. A DSLR will also give you flexibility in lenses that will allow you to take different types of photographs.

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