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Traveling solo is fun, but there are many reasons why a travel companion can offer a better experience on long journeys. Whether you ask your friend to give you company or find a travel companion in one of the online portals, here is what you should look for.

Sense of direction

Your travel companion will be better with a sense of direction. At the times when you are lost, a partner who knows how to read maps and has the general sense of which way to go will be a better help.

Easy going

If you cannot enjoy your time with your travel companion then maybe you need a different company. Your partner should laid-back and acceptable to the ups and downs you face during your journey. At the times when things go unplanned, you will not have to worry about hearing from your partner.


A companion who has an adventurous spirit to make or agree to spontaneous decisions will be a better partner to have unexpected experiences. These adventurous decisions will make the best memories for you.

Sense of humor

A companion that has a good sense of humor will help your mood whenever you feel stressed or bored during the journey. You can spend your traveling or waiting time having fun rather than waiting to reach the destinations.

Street smart

A travel companion who is street smart will help you get comfortable in new streets as you wander and shop. Their smart street attitude will come in handy while dealing with locals of the destinations you visit.


Having a travel companion who will say yes to any type of food will let you have maximum freedom to try out new cuisines. Having an open mind about foods from different cultures is a great way to explore the world and connect with locals.


If your partner does not care about counting every penny that is spent in the journey as you have to split the bills, it will keep the tension off your head. Getting a round of drinks for each other is what the moments are made of.

Similar budget

Similar budget

At the same time, you need to find a partner who shares the same budget as yours. If you do not have the same expense requirements, you will face problems in getting comfortable with each other. You will see the problem when your partner wants to stay in a five-star hotel, but you want to save money and prefer a hostel.


Make sure that the person you are traveling with would want to go out with you when you are in a different city. If the person is not social in public, you will have a hard time enjoying and taking care of their needs.


A person who is aware of the surroundings and is culturally sensitive will be a better partner than those who do not know when they turn disrespectful towards others. You should have a partner who is willing to learn local phrases with you just to show their respect towards locals.

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